Carolin Reichherzer, PhD


Hi, I'm Carolin! I'm a Senior Research Associate in all things AR/VR. I love exploring novel interactive experiences for immersive technologies in ways that inspire and delight.

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ShopTrotter: Loyalty Program for Shopping Malls

Tools: Unity, Mapbox and QGis [Design and contributing developer]

Precision Group, owner of several shopping centres across Australia, was looking for an innovative idea to increase dwelling time in their centres. We entered the Retail Game Changer Challenge (RGCC) with the innovative idea of ShopTrotter and won $25 000 AUD. ShopTrotter lets people earn rewards the more time they spend exploring the centre.


Shoptrotter users are encouraged to fully experience and explore the shopping centre by giving them goals to achieve during their visits. Our application draws on fitness and goals, engaging users to explore the shopping centre with points of interests and fitness incentives to unlock daily and weekly rewards to radically transform how shopping exploration is perceived.

ShopTrotter Concept

The Shoptrotter application is intended for smartphone users but also designed with other smartwatches and wearable tracking devices in mind. Users will receive alerts once they are in range of the shopping mall.


Implementation of the feature into the app will commence in 2020 and will be rolled out to six shopping centres in Australia.