Carolin Reichherzer, PhD


Hi, I'm Carolin! I'm a Senior Research Associate in all things AR/VR. I love exploring novel interactive experiences for immersive technologies in ways that inspire and delight.

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Past and Ongoing Work

Cross-Device Augmented Reality Interfaces

We developed a framework that facilitates the design space exploration of hybrid Augmented Reality interfaces that combine an AR head-mounted display with a smartphone. The framework supports two modes of interaction (hand gestures and head pose), adjustments of field of view, and two modes of placement for AR content (in 3D space and on a 2D plane around the smartphone).

Interaction Mode

Perception in Augmented Reality

In Augmented Reality it can be difficult to properly estimate how far away virtual objects are located. We are investigating via perception studies which visual cues improve depth perception for large virtual objects to support building engaging virtual worlds.


Virtual Reality for Crime Scene Visualisation

Virtual Reality has the unique capability to provide the illusion of being somewhere else – And feel like being there. Could this potentially help a jury to better understand how a crime transpired during a trial?

The research in my PhD revolves around this very question and the impact VR could have on a person to better remember its environment, the impact on decision-making and supporting the communication of specialised information that is forensic evidence. The better the scene and the event is understood by the jury, the more likely it is to have a really good outcome in court with the right answers obtained.

Visual Cues for Forensic Evidence

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3D Reconstruction through Photogrammetry and Lasers

Photogrammetry is the process of recreating objects or environments through the interpretation of a range of photographs taken from different angles. The 3D models generated out of this process can provide high quality assets to be used in VR.


Trails – Interactive exploration of graphs

Viewing large data sets in VR can be challenging. Being immersed in the data itself may mean losing sight of the overall context. This research aimed at using natural hand gestures with world-in-miniature visualisations to navigate large graphs, offering context and detail.

Image of Trails

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ShopTrotter: Loyalty Program for Shopping Malls

ShopTrotter was the winning pitch at the Retail Game Changer Challenge 2019, a competition targeted at creating a mobile solution that would entice visitors to dwell longer. This resulted in $25 000 AUD to kickstart Nisus Development Pty Ltd.

Main screen of ShopTrotter

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Google Glass Remote Collaboration

The idea of Social Panorama is of a remote collaboration tool that allows panorama images to be explored in real time between a Google Glass user and a remote tablet user. A variety of different cues were analysed to depict the best user experience on each medium.

Social Panorama

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UX and UI work

I’ve worked on a range of UI and interactive UX projects spanning the entire project cycle. It included creating storyboards, userflows and wireframes to pixel-perfect assets as well as development of generative design elements.


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Corporate Branding

In the past I have focused on communicating a brand message and help design the visual language of a brand. I designed a range of branded material from conception to digital and print production.